Architect Collaboration

“I have been acquainted with Mr. Smith during the past few years, during which he acted as the project manager for substantial projects for which I was the architect. The first was the complete renovation of a three story 45,000 s.f. building to a new office shell condition. This was successfully completed and several who toured the structure said they thought it was a new building. (It was originally built in 1974.) The next was a 15,000 s.f. tenant improvement for a U.S. government agency with extensive special requirements and an extremely aggressive schedule. In this project Mr. Smith performed with impressive leadership and very effective project management skills. The project was completed on time and to the client’s complete satisfaction. Due to working closely with Mr. Smith on these projects, I can confidently recommend him for other commercial projects, and given the opportunity, I will do so in the future.”

David Johns, Principal
Omni Architecture INC.

Sonoita Hills Community Church

“The congregation of Sonoita Hills Community Church would like to recommend the work of Tim Smith. He supervised the construction of our new church building. While we sought to save money by doing most of the work ourselves, and we did save about $100,000, we could not have done that with-out Tim’s guidance. Not only his wise counsel, but his intervention on many occasions helped us stay on track and out of trouble. Tim had the big picture in mind all the time. Even today, as we use the building most everyday of the week, we can stand back and marvel at how well the church was built and has stood the test of time and traffic.”

Pastor Chuck Carlson

ATF Tucson Field Office Project

“It was a pleasure working with Tim and Donna Smith on the ATF Tucson Field Office. The project was suffering from major delays due to lack of organization until the building owners finally brought Tim Smith into the fray. Tim organized every aspect of the project, delivered a budget, construction schedule and a new team of sub-contractors. Once Tim set the project in motion we were all running to keep up. The final product was delivered on budget, on time and to great review. Donna corralled the local architect helping him to understand our requirements along with the proper execution of plans and submittals. Donna digested every detail of the plans and certified all documentation for the government process. Donna’s design skills, knowledge of plan review, local codes and process were instrumental throughout the entire project. The team of Tim and Donna Smith brought the ATF project to a very successful completion. I would highly recommend them for future projects.”

Janell A. Girardi, Project Architect/Project Manager
Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)